Warm Up with Hot Interior Design Painting Trends for your Home

While spring blossoms, home owners begin to pay attention to the details of the walls they interior paintinghave been staring at for months. This is  true even more so this year, after the extreme weather much of the country has experienced, keeping doors and windows closed. As the sunlight begins to flood in during the next few weeks, thoughts of interior design come to the forefront.

There are some incredible interior design trends for interior painting surfacing for  2014. Here are three of the hottest:

Walls Saturated with Color

Gone are the days of beige and off-white painted walls. The newest paint color trends begin with real color, think plum, navy and ochre, for walls of your home. While really dark shades can seem a little extreme, this interior design trend allows for you to experiment with some deeper colors throughout your home, in rooms that have a little more light and wall space, to see how it “feels”.

Mix and Match

Along with the deeper paint shades, interior design trends for this year also dictate that matching walls, or accessories, are also a thing of the past. This means if you have selected deep blue paint for your walls, you don’t have to stick to neutrals or blues with accent paint or room accents. If you feel adventurous, in the room with that deep blue wall, add a light orange accent or even a nice, rich red.

Dramatic Entrances

Taking the paint color trend even farther, dramatic entrances are all the rage this year. Imagine a foyer that has deep gold accents or even a gold accent wall, balanced against a deep brown color surrounding it. Or a doorway with bright white trim, lined with deep plum paint. Imagine the effect on your visitors with a dramatic entrance to lead them into your home and around your space.

As you begin to plan your interior design changes for this spring, start by researching the paints that will cover the walls and entryways of our home. Add contrasting colors and accents to create a truly unique space.

DIY Accent Painting Projects that Use only One or Two Cans of Paint

Your home’s interior design should represent your unique sense of style and color palette. paint color wheel
If you think you home design needs a refresh, there are several DIY paint projects that can be managed with one or two cans pf paint, making your new look not only unique but affordable.

Accent Walls

Your walls are painted already, with the colors that drew your interest at the time. Kick up your room décor by adding an accent wall to your room that compliments or contrasts your accent wallsexisting wall color. Use a color wheel to find the complimentary wall color by staying in the same color palette and  taking the paint shade down or up a few degrees. You can also use a color wheel to find a contrasting color for your accent wall by looking to the colors directly across from your original wall paint color. (Keep these color wheel tips for any of the other DIY interior paint projects as well.)

Furniture Revamp paint furniture

Do you have any furniture around your house that has lost its luster? Maybe the stain is wearing off or the colors are faded? Grab your paint brush, or even a sponge if you want to give a faux finish a try, and hit your dining room chairs, breakfast bar stools, accent tables or stools with a new, bright coat of paint.

It’s all about the Edges

Trim lines your doors, floors and windows all around your home. It paint trim can blend into the background, or you can put the focus on your edges and add a swash of color throughout the rooms in your home. Better yet, custom trim colors in each bedroom and bathroom can really up the personality. It’s always best to keep the trim through the public areas in your home the same color to maintain a feel of continuity.

DIY paint projects don’t have to be expensive or cumbersome. Give your interior design the TLC it needs with just a can or two of paint and a little elbow grease.

Your Choice of Painting Contractor Makes THE Difference in your Interior Design Updates

Updating the décor in your home is an exciting prospect, full of color reviews, accessory interior design updatesshopping and furniture considerations. During these bleak winter months, focusing on improving your décor offers a welcome respite to being trapped indoors. As you review paint colors, swatches of cloth, furniture designs and all the other aspects to your rooms, its important to keep one thing in mind.

The painting contractor you select to paint your rooms is critical to your end results. No matter how nice your new furniture is or how perfectly you accessorize your rooms, a poor paint job, due to poor service quality or the wrong color, will kill your décor.

When selecting a painting contractor, consider the following points:

  • Experience: How long have they been in business and what kind of work have they handled?
  • References: Get at least three.
  • Prep and Take-down processes: Do they prep the job, and clean up (completely) afterwards?
  • Insurance: Do they have liability insurance to protect your home in case of incidents?

Read more about selecting the perfect contractor for your interior décor updates.


If you have wallpaper in your current interior design, and need it removed to get your new look, then a painting contractor experienced with this arduous process is the best case scenario. Hiring a painter to remove your wallpaper ensures that you will have smooth, paintable walls left at the end, not chunks or holes to patch.

See how a painting contractor can do the best by your wallpaper removal project here:


So enjoy your interior design project with the help of a local painting professional and add some color to this winter season from the inside out.

The Subtle and Dying Art of the Free Painting Estimate

Hiring a painting contractor can be a stressful prospect, even with a solid word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend. Letting someone into your home, or onto your property at all, for an extended amount of time to do work on your walls, ceilings, trim takes trust, free paint estimate which has to be developed in about 30-45 minutes during an estimate.

In today’s world, where sites like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor.com offer tons of “reviews” and details about your potential painter, it would seem that developing that trust would be that much easier. The fact is, it’s not. Reviews are looked on with a grain of salt by most homeowners researching a painting contractor for their project, and even if your best friend “loved” her painter, that doesn’t mean you will too.

Enter the art of the painting estimate. Painting industry veterans who have been around since before the days of web profiles and reviews get that it’s as much about the relationship between themselves and the homeowner as it is their skillset that lands them a paint project.

Can your Painter Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

What it comes down to is this, during your painting estimate; does your potential contractor make you feel at ease? Do they answer all your questions fully and from a point of understanding and expertise? Does their portfolio fit your idea of great work? Just because Sue down the street thought so, doesn’t mean you will, too.

Do they explain their process, from prep and setup to the walk through and clean up? And do they define who will be doing the work, themselves or their team? The trust you need to hire them is built on all these factors.

With all the online reviews available, many painting contractors are losing the talent of talking with their prospective clients, bringing the personal to the project, and that’s where the art of the free estimate is dying out. Just because they’re not getting paid for the time, the effort is diminished, and with that, the trust built with those looking to have a painting project done is lost.

Be sure your painting contractor is keeping the art of the free estimate alive, that they take the time you need to resolve your concerns and show that their portfolio fits your paint project needs.

Summer’s Coming: Is your Home Ready for Company? Painting Tips

Amazingly, it’s May again, and the warm weather has started to pop early this year. That means earlier yard maintenance, earlier need for power washing and earlier plans for barbecues and outside gatherings. As you start to assess your home and yard for months of company and outdoor fun, be sure to consider the following things:

Exterior Home Painting Needs

The outside of your home is it’s face to the world, and weather and time can leave their impression on your house’s look. Paint a little faded? Trim in need of a repaint? The seasons here in the northeast take their toll on your home’s exterior, so use the following articles to gauge what you need to do inside and out to get your place up to par for the summer:

Ready to Re-paint your Home’s Exterior? How to Make your House Stand Out

Must Do Interior and Exterior Summer Prep Reviews for your Home

Sure Fire Signs that your Home Needs an Exterior Paint Refresh








Looking to DIY your Home Painting Project?

If you’re inspired enough to try and DIY some of your home’s painting needs, chances are you need a little guidance on how to start and what steps to take. The following posts will help you assess the DIY projects you can pursue easily and the steps and pitfalls to look out for to get the job done right.

3 Home Painting Tips For Your Next D.I.Y. Paint Project

Easy DIY Summer Home Painting Projects

For those house painting projects, like wallpaper removal or entire house painting, inside or out, where you need to services of a skilled painting professional, now is the time to reach out and get a free estimate. Summer tends to be extremely busy for painting contractors, so connect with one today to get the ball rolling to get your home ready for summer fun.

Now is the Time to start your Interior Design Project

When you look around your home, do you see the need for some updating? Perhaps your exterior home paintwood trim can use a repaint or re-stain – thank to the kids and the dog kicking brushing and kicking as they plow through the house? Or does your bedroom need a new look? Maybe the kids’ rooms are in need of an overhaul? No matter what you need to do to get your interior décor updated, this is the time to reach out to a local painting professional to schedule the job.

Spring is right around the corner and that means you’re not the only one who is thinking about some home updates, and schedules for local contractors will begin to fill up quickly.

Keep in mind: Your Choice of Painting Contractor Makes THE Difference in your Interior Design Updates.

Once you connect with a local painter, take the time to consider which design updates will offer the best results for you’re budget. A few suggestions:

Revitalize the Look of your Home’s Exterior: Paint your Trim

Spring Cleaning for your Smaller Rooms: DIY Paint Projects

3 Bedroom Décor Updates on a Budget

Your painting contractor will come out to your home to review the projects you are considering and offer an estimate for the work. Some contactors charge for this service, but that is not the way to go. Be sure your painting contractor offers a free estimate. This practice begins the work relationship as a partnership, and shows your service provider is willing to invest in your project at no cost to you. This is known as The Subtle and Dying Art of the Free Painting Estimate.

Get started today – choose your project, connect with a painting contractor and ensure your home is ready to welcome spring with fresh color!

What to Look for in your Painting Contractor

When you are looking for a painting contractor to paint your home, chances are you start painting contractor with asking friends and family if they have any recommendations, and then hit the web to search service sites like Angie’s list to find the right painting contractor for your specific project and budget. In your search, be sure to keep in mind that there are several criteria that separate the “good” painting contractors from the “great” ones, no matter the source of your information.

Experience. How long have they been in business and have they successfully handled projects like yours in their career?

Employees or subcontractors? Does your painter have employees they staff or do they farm work out to subcontractors? You signed on with a specific contractor for your job – he has sold himself and his business based on points of attention that matter to you. His staff will follow these guidelines as part of their job, a subcontractor may not, leaving you with a project that turns out differently than you expected.

Insurance. The state of NJ requires all painting contractors to carry liability insurance to cover potential damage to any job site. Before you sign on the dotted line, check out your contractor’s insurance certificate.

Preparation, Products and Clean Up. The whole point behind hiring a professional painter for your project is to ensure the work is prepped and done properly, and to take away the risk of damage or resulting mess. What prep work will your painting contractor do? Hoe many coats of paint? What products will they use and why? Do they do 100% clean up and rearrangement of the space post work?

References. Remember that word of mouth we mentioned at the beginning of the post? Well, getting 2-3 references from your contractor, whether you know the people referring them or not, is a great way to ensure he walks his talk and will provide the level of service you require.


Does your Home’s Interior Need a Touchup This Holiday? There’s Still Time!

The holidays are upon us, which means more company and activity than your home sees holiday interior paint projectthe rest of the year. If you need to do some touchups before the in-laws arrive or just want to change your décor, there’s still time to make some quick and affordable painting updates to your walls, trim and rooms to create the atmosphere you seek for your guests.

Assess your Options

You know that time is of the essence for an interior painting project in December, so be specific as to the space in your home that will be used during the holidays, as well as the time it would take to update them. Consider gathering spaces like the living room, dining room and bathrooms for updates. Trim is another option if time and money is tight. Clean lines around your rooms or a new trim color can completely change the feel of your home.

Look for the “Wow” Factor

When you are looking to make a statement with paint in your home and are short on time, you want to ensure your guests notice it easily. That said, painting trim, doors, window sills and adding accent walls are all efficient ways to add some pop to your décor with little effort. Adding color to your cabinets is also a great way to renovate your décor when you’re in a time crunch.

Get Help!

While many of the interior paint projects listed above can be done DIY style, partnering with a professional painter to do the work will save you money on product (paint and brushes, tarps and buckets) as well as ensuring your project gets done in sufficient time and with the results you wanted.

Get started today and get your home ready for the holidays with a new paint job.

Don’t Look Now – but the Holidays are Right around the Corner

With less than a week to go until Halloween, the time has come to take a look around your home and see if any of your décor is in need of a little TLC.

The coming season brings a ton of company, lots of activity and festivities – if your interior holiday paint udpatesdesign needs a little pick me up before you start having decorating, consider the following tips to wow your guests with the color and design in your home:

  • Repaint your main rooms and hallways.
    • Chances are the last time you painted your home, color trends were different from today’s offerings, leaving your home’s colors looking dated.
    • Take a look at a color wheel to select a new color palette and offset it with white or off-white ceilings to make your space appear larger and your edges cleaner.
    • If time and budget permit, consider repainting all trim and doors in these spaces as well. Freshening the edges of your main areas not only defines your space but it makes your wall paint really stand out.
  • Clean Windows.
    • It may seem to be an obvious statement, but clean windows say something about a house. Take the time to clean al your windows so when your guests arrive or anyone admires your outdoor holiday décor, they see your hard work and not dirty windows.
  • Power Wash Outside.
    • While the weather still holds, taking a half day to power wash your home’s exterior is another way you can really show your house’s best side this holiday.
    • Use gentle cleanser to remove any mold or dirt that has built up over the spring and summer months to leave a bright and clean canvas for your holiday decorations.

The holidays are a fun, hectic time of year and your home needs to be ready to show off a little bit. Take the time to invest in these updates to ensure your décor is as festive as your season will be!

Fall Interior Design Updates

With fall gearing up, school back in session and the holidays right around the corner,  fall decor interior paint updatesinterior design may be the farthest thing from you mind. However, now is the time to look around your home and see what touch ups and changes you can make before life gets too busy to do it. Summer takes a toll on the condition of your home, inside and out, and considering the visitors you will have over the next three months for parties and holidays, look around your rooms and put a little TLC to the following:

Replace Wallpaper

The humid summer months take a toll on your wallpapered walls. Consistent use of the air conditioner can dry it rooms, where open windows and doors let in increased amounts of moist air. Both conditions take a toll on your wallpaper, causing it to pull off the wall. Work with a painting professional to replace your wallpaper and get a fresh look for your rooms.

Repaint Trim and Doors

Playing kids and extra visitors increase the chances of your trim taking a beating. Scuff marks, nicks and thinned paint from washing leave your edges weakened. Doors get hand prints and scuffs from extra use. Paint your doors and trim with a few coats of good paint to update your home’s look and provide defined edges to all your rooms.

Check Home’s Exterior

Before the weather gets too cold to fix it, now’s the time to take stock of your home’s exterior paint condition. Do you see flaking or peeling paint? Notice the sun has faded your colors of your paint? Front door look faded?

Flaking paint can leave your siding at the mercy of the weather and faded colors make your home disheveled. Contact a painting professional to get your home’s exterior repainted while the weather is still warm.

Invest in your home’s interior and exterior design now to ensure it weather’s the winter as well as possible.