Some drywall repairs are the product of daily life in a busy household.  Drywall and wall repair can be a hassle if you don’t have the skill as well as the time to devote to the job. Giovinetti Painting Services are here to help you with drywall repair and paint them to look brand new.

Drywall repair process. Start to finish.


Some common drywall repairs are:

Stress Cracks No matter how well the wallboard is hung and finished, eventually you will need to do some repairs.  With expansion and contraction through out the day and seasons, the ridged materials that are the structure of our homes, are bound to show some cracks.

Minor Gashes or holes  A common drywall repair is from doorknobs that cause small holes in walls.  Some walls can be like a pin cushion with dozens of small nails or thumb tacks. After removal, all these holes must be filled with a suitable compound.  Drywall repair is needed because painting alone, does not fill in these small holes.

Nail Pops Nails or screws can pop the drywall compound loose.  This type of problem occurs if the drywall isn’t fully fastened tightly against the framing, when framing lumber shrinks or twists, or whan an object strikes the wall or ceiling.  This causes the joint compound to become loose and pop off the fastener

Very Large Holes  Another common situation needing drywall repair is patching large holes and cracks. Even extremely bad damage is repairable. Giovinetti Painting can get the drywall repair done quickly and correctly. Our goal of any drywall repair, is to blend in with the surrounding areas. Every home has some type of texture on the walls and ceilings. Even a smooth wall has many different degrees of texture. We can match the damaged area or will renew that whole wall.

Giovinetti Painting Services offers Wall and Drywall Repair services to Burlington, Camden and Gloucester County and the South Jersey area, including Wenonah, Swedesboro, Sicklerville, Haddonfield, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, Maple Shade, Mount Laurel, Haddon Heights, Medford Lakes and more.

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