A wood stain can enhance the natural beauty of any wood species, from hardwoods to soft and porous woods like cedar or redwood. There is a perfect stain for every project! Wood staining adds richness to your home, that you just can’t get through painting.  If you prefer to have a natural look, Giovinetti Painting Services can apply one coat of stain, and 2 coats of varnish. You can choose a color finish from a color swatch, for the staining of of your choice. It is recommended to stain and use other wood finishes to protect wood, while its natural beauty is exposed.

Using an interior stain on your unfinished woodwork will highlight its natural beauty. Common projects include:

  • Trim staining
  • Wood door staining
  • Cabinet staining

Interior wood stains can be used on almost any surface in order to produce a unique look.


Wiping stain is the most commom interior stain used. It has been used for many generations, this is the easiest and most popular interior wood stain.

Gel stain is an easy to use oil based stain that provides deep uniform color to wood, fiberglass, metal, wood veneer and masonite. Gel stains full-bodied formula allows for no drips or runs, making it an excellent choice for doors and any difficult to stain surfaces.  Many special effects can be achieved using these stains or even a combination.

Choosing an interior stain depends upon your particular needs and the overall appearance you are after. Wood stains accent grain without hiding it and protect the wood surface.  There are two types of stain:

Semitransparent Wood Stain can be applied over bare wood or previously semitransparent stained (but not sealed) wood.
Semisolid Wood Stain   Solid color stains can be applied over bare wood, previouslly stained and even painted surfaces in sound condition.  Stains accent grain without hiding it, while protecting the wood surface.

“Giovinetti Painting Services offers quality Wood Staining services to most South Jersey communities including Gloucester, Camden and Burlington County; Sewell, Turnersville, Westville, Marlton, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Medford and more. ”

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