If the unfortunate situation presents itself and you find yourself facing smoke damage and/or water damage repairs, call Giovinetti Painting for a FREE in-home consultation on getting things back to normal.

Smoke Damage

Smoke Stains
can take on the appearance of a dingy yellow tint. Smoke damage stains are distinguishable from water damage stains in that the darkened ring-like edge does not appear as it often does with water damage. With more direct exposure to flame, soot deposits adhere to the ceiling, leaving gray or black residue.


There may be black marks and discoloration to your walls and ceiling. Soot is the residue left by smoke. Charring is the actual burning of the paint. You should first have the walls assed to determine the extent of the smoke damage. It may be impossible to clean heavy soot and charring from flat-painted walls.  In this situation, it would be best to have the walls primed and re-painted due to the smoke damage. There is more hope for satin or semi-gloss finishes, if the charring hasn’t gone too deep, it may only need cleaning.  Bubbling and blistering of the paint on your walls and ceiling may occur from excessive heat.  A bubble or blister cannot be “undone,” but can be repaired.

Water Damage  

Wall Stains / Ceiling stains

are not only unattractive, but can signify hidden damage beyond the surface.  Before we attempt to remove water stains from a ceiling, we recommend that you contact a plumber to make sure that the source of  the water damage has been repaired. The important part of fixing the damage from a leak is making sure the leak is fixed and the area is completely dry.  Once the leak has been fixed, you can get rid of the stain. Next is to assess the damage to the sheetrock, plaster or wood and decide if it is sound, then priming and any plaster / spackle repairs needed can be done.

NOTESmoke Damage or Water Damage Repair can not be completed if the sheetrock, plaster or wood is not sound. It must be removed, and replaced prior to repair.

Giovinetti Painting Services offers Smoke & Water damage repair to most South Jersey communities including Oaklyn, Collingswood, Williamstown, Burlington City, Cinnaminson, Palmyra, Riverton, Wenonah, Willingboro, Riverside, Cherry Hill, Marlton, Moorestown and more.

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