The excitement of redecorating a room can be discouraging to homeowners when involving wallpaper removal.  Should you decide to do it yourself and the walls get torn or severely gouged, please do yourself a favor and STOP.  Scoring tools in inexperienced hands can result in severe wall damage. Damage to your walls can be more costly to repair than, if you had a professional do the wallpaper removal job.

If your walls were properly prepped and primed before wallpaper installation, then doing it yourself may be possible without damage to your wall surfaces. Without the walls having the proper wall preparation, it takes experience and judgment to know how to best proceed.  We strongly advise that you hire a professional for wallpaper removal services.

This service requires judgment, expertise, and patience. Paste is removed and the walls are sealed to give a sound surface for your new wall finish. Our wallpaper removal service is a unique way to take off  your old wallpaper and discover the beauty that lies beneath.

Why choose Giovinetti Painting Services to perform your wallpaper removal?

  • Wallpaper removal specialists
  • Careful to avoid drywall damage
  • Neat, fast and efficient
  • Prepared for any drywall repair

Giovinetti Painting Services can provide a Wallpaper Removal service, as well as the new wallcovering of your choice. Underneath all the wallpaper in your house is a workable surface to enhance the rooms in your home.  Trust us to bring out the beauty in your walls with painting, wallpaper, murals or borders!

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Wallpaper Removal

wallpaper_beforewall painted _after

Giovinetti Painting Services offers Wall Paper Removal services to Collingswood, Berlin, Mantua, Blackwood, Deptford, Swedesboro, Sicklerville, Pitman, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Marlton, Maple Shade, Mount Laurel, Medford Lakes and more.

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