Blank walls in need of a makeover? Whatever your decorating style….find a wallpaper, border or a mural to freshen up your home.  Wallpaper installation can make a dramatic difference in a room’s décor.   The best way to select wallpaper is to decide where it’s going, and then factor in the durability while considering the following:Style

Wallpaper, also knows as a Wallcovering, can create faux finishes, dimension, texture, or pattern.  Examples of wallcoverings are the following:

Wallpaper – Wallpaper Murals – Wallpaper Borders

Cost  comes with a variety of price tags and ranges from about $12 up to $200 per roll depending on what the wallpaper is. More involved textures or natural products that have been backed with paper for hanging, tend to be far more expensive and are best hung by a professional.

Type of Wallpaper If you like the natural look, but you’re on a budget, check out the fabulous new vinyl wallpapers available. They look like the real thing at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl is easier to hang and will last much longer than a natural product. Vinyl wallpaper is a popular wall covering because of its durability and washability. It can also hide wall flaws due to its heaviness. It comes in wider roles, which means fewer trims and seams.  Vinyl withstands repetitive cleanings and moderate moisture better than other wallpaper types.  A fragile wallpaper could work in a master bedroom, but not in a kid’s room, bathroom or a hall.  Finally, if you love a wallpaper but aren’t ready to redo a whole room, try getting a sample and framing it for an easy way to get the look you love.


Paper backed vinyl or solid sheet vinyl wallpapers This type of wallpaper has a layer of paper or pulp backed to a decorative vinyl surface. Because of its vinyl surface, this is another good candidate for high humidity areas. In fact, this type of wallpaper is good for almost any climate. It’s also easy to clean, scrubbable and peels off easily from the wall when it’s time for removal.

Coated fabric wallpapers —- This type of wallpaper has an underlying layer of fabric also coated with a liquid form of vinyl. This is not a good candidate for humid rooms such as bathrooms or walls that will be exposed to grease, such as those in a kitchen. Coated fabric wallpaper works best in low-humidity ares.

Fabric backed vinyl —- This wallpaper consists of a layer of fabric laminated to a layer of solid vinyl. There are two types of wallpaper included in this category. Solid vinyl is simply a layer of paper or fabric laminated to vinyl film. Since the applied vinyl is solid and not liquid, it is considered more durable than most other wallpapers. If you’re looking for wallpaper that cleans easily and lasts for a long time, this type of wallpaper is for you. Paper wallpaper consists of a layer of decorative paper that doesn’t necessarily have a protective layer laminated to it. Before purchasing this type of wallpaper, check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure it works best for your situation.

Contact Giovinetti Painting Services for your FREE in-home consultation.  We will provide you with an estimate for the wallpaper installation, and will include the amount of wallpaper needed to be ordered.  The amount of wallpaper will be determined by measuring the room and then calculated, using double rolls. Wallpaper is manufactured and only sold in double roll packages. We look forward to adding that special touch to your decor!

“Giovinetti Painting Services offers Wallpaper services to Burlington, Camden and Gloucester, County in the South Jersey area, including Haddon Heights, Mount Laurel, Moorestown, Marlton, Maple Shade, Laurel Springs, Medford, Medford Lakes, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield and more.”

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